We take special care to understand the unique needs of each client in order to develop customized translation solutions that exceed expectations. Over the years, we have developed close collaborative relationships with many longstanding clients who rely exclusively on our professional network for all their translation and interpreting needs. We would like to share the following testimonials from a few of our best clients:

Literary field

“My greatest concern in finding a good translator was for them to carefully consider the literary tone of my work. I was able to work hand-in-hand with the translator assigned to my project, discussing every detail down to the last comma and expression until we both felt we had a polished text. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the final results. Excellent work from professionals who fully understand the needs and concerns of their clients.”
Ginés Cutillas, Author of “A Koala in the Closet”

“As far as I know, HHTranslations not only offers incredibly efficient literary translators, but more importantly, translators whose work is extremely conscientious and meticulous. As an author, I was surprised by their level of respect not only for grammatical, orthographic and semiotic elements, but also for questions of style and musicality…”
Ignacio Ferrando, Author of “Inner Ceremonies” and “Sicily, Winter”

Translation industry

“We have worked on a regular basis with HHTranslations and the results are always excellent. They are always available to take on projects with really tight deadlines that seem impossible to meet and they have definitely saved us on more than one occasion. Serious, hard-working, high-quality translators.”
María Ribó, Director of TradingWords

“Extremely professional translators and interpreters  I wouldn’t hesitate to call them whenever I need these services. They are very friendly, hard-working and reliable, and it’s always a pleasure to work with them.”
Ioana Pop, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Consulting firms

“HHTranslations not only effectively manages our translation projects with a balance of good judgment and cost efficiency, but more importantly, they understand our industry and complex processes. They are a better business partner because they fully understand how to communicate our company’s message and take pride in their work, with very impressive results.”
Hugo Fernandez Aparicio, CEO of Wasser, S.A.E.

Academic institutions

“Very dedicated, professional translators who always deliver high-quality work on time. We have been collaborating for years on numerous projects and I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone!”
Fernando García, Former Director of Marketing at the Istituto Europeo de Design, S.L., in Madrid